Website must share good content and be consistent

A good website is not showing good content, addressing important ideas and connecting with the audience but also to be presentable and user friendly and consistent.

  • Developing Land pages relevant to the end user– The content so shared must be according to the customer thus including all the necessary stuff which is in accordance to what the visitor is looking for thus making your links more reliable and worthy of clicking for. Any distortion of that will reflect the result in bounce-rate thus reducing the rank as a whole.
  • Targeted key-word strategy – This is one of the most important category to work-on as these are the words that will really refect your website. The word strategy should be such that the matches with the customer way of searching things. All what you decide to keep as a keyword can be searched upon their popularity rate using google trends and also other mediums. The moment you crack the key-word game, your content will truly hit the bull’s eye i.e. gets the most number of visits and thus drive sales and conversions for your business.
  • Providing better experience at all platforms– Today most of the websites are being opened in portable devices like Mobiles , Tablets etc. Thus working on all the platforms is very much important especially on Phone as that mediums provides the most number of visits thus customer should have the best experience there only rather than switching to desktop version.
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