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Majority of new leads came from referrals. client wanted to maximize their online presence to convert more leads into clients and to position the company as a market leader in local property investment. He also wanted to offer assistance to his current clients to sell more thereby building customer loyalty so as to get them to use the agency services more.

The Biggest Challenge Real Estate Developers’ Face in Bhilai is determining what Digital Business Strategy guarantees a boost in high ROI?

Another key challenge faced how does one choose the right digital channels or Online Advertising ?

Effectively understanding which platform works to drive those very valuable leads is a strategic process which requires deep in-depth knowledge of gaining higher conversion rates that in turn Add Higher ROI to Your Business. This can vary right from understanding the campaigns to the various targeting options to driving the right audiences through a filtered lens to quantify which lead will ultimately have a higher impact to convertibility.

  • To emerge above the competition and make a search engine optimized website.
  • To drive more traffic to the website from a few hundreds to tens of thousands.
  • Real-time social media updates triggered by any changes made by the Manager.
  • To enable users to compare between properties.
  • To connect agents with related properties.

The Results What did we do that was different? Optimized Landing Pages easily indexed on search engines. Making their website search-engine friendly. The landing page specifies the project details and invokes curiosity to find out more details reducing the bouncing to a minimal. Content from any blog is efficiently updated on all integrated social media channels and create as many backlinks as possible to the site. The website perfectly responsive and fast.We built a comprehensive comparison tool to enable users to compare between properties based on multiple parameters
We eventually devised an algorithm to add agents corresponding to each property to the system.

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