How to increase Facebook post reach

1) Develop your posting strategy, remember to minimize your ask; not every piece of content needs to  have a call to action (CTA). Create a mix of content that combines promotional posts with posts that add value, educate, and entertain. And when you do include a CTA, keep it simple.

2) Post More Native and Live Video

Video continues to hold sway on Facebook with triple the engagement and 1200% more shares than text and image posts combined. Facebook is favoring longer videos in the news feed now

3) Post at the best time

Early morning and nighttime are generally the best time to post updates, particularly around 8 PM. This makes sense when you think about it – most people work during the day, come home and have dinner, and  then relax, watch TV and peruse their News Feed. But what about your fans? To see when your fans are online, check out the Posts report within Facebook Insights.

4) Facebook Insights Browse through to see how many people who’ve liked your posts but have not liked your page. Invite to like them.

5) Add integrations and customization  to your page

  • Email capture forms
  • Podcasts
  • Video players
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Landing pages
  • Apps to run contests
  • Appointment schedule apps
  • Blog and RSS feeds
  • Ecommerce tabs

6)  Broadcast to your other networks about your Facebook page and ask them to engage

7) Curate other people’s evergreen content.

It’s about collecting posts from across the internet and sharing it with your network. Post entertaining, relevant and humorous content regularly. Some examples of evergreen content  which also includes curation-type posts: Video tutorials , Recipe posts, Testimonials, Interviews, “How To” posts, Q & A’s, Thought pieces  Lists, Checklists

8)  Target Audience –

Your brand needs to resonate with their audience. Promoting your brand to a misaligned audience won’t have an impact.

9)  Use advocacy to grow your brand –  Use Facebook Messenger bots to communicate and provide value to customers Let your email list work for you simply email them, informing them about my new post. They kick off the interaction and sharing on every post.

10) Use hashtags the right way- interactions were highest when 1-2 hashtags were used

11)  Take advantage of new updates to the Facebook app –

a) Facebook messenger bots –Engage with users and persuade them with targeted messenger sequences.

b) 360-degree photos and videos – This gives you the ability to capture a 360, panoramic view. You can use this to showcase the human element of your brand by capturing group shots, events, workspaces, and more.

c)  More intuitive and flexible video – Users no longer have to manually tap to play a video. In addition to the autoplay update, you can now watch a video while still scrolling through your news feed. The video will automatically minimize at the corner of the screen.

12) Amplify Your Organic Reach With Paid Promotion.
Here’s where you start to pay to boost the reach of your content to improve your Facebook marketing ROI considerably. Rather than promote everything, apply some strategic selection to amplify the established organic reach of specific posts with Facebook ads.

We have to get creative in our social media marketing to help provide the highest quality content to our audience. If you implement the strategies that I share in this post, you’ll be well on your way to improving your facebook reach.

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