Free Websites are a bad choice for business

Saving does not help in long run

The problem is that you do not have full control over your website and when some problem arise you have to sort it out yourself with whatever resources you have.

Website Data Does Not Migrate

If you decide that you want to add new website features in the future there is no way for you to easily migrate the website data.  That is where a content management system comes in where migrating the site to a web hosting plan and moving a few files will allow you to quickly add new features.

Adding Analytics

Periodically checking your website analytics to ensure that you are bringing in as much traffic as you can is an important aspect of web development. With free website you are unable to add Analytics. Without Google Analytics or Facebook pixel it’s impossible for you to spot new keywords that may be bringing in large amounts of traffic. If you have this extra feature, you could make a new page that highlights that keyword.

It Is Too Easy

Your website is the only way that you are going to get people to know you better by allowing them to visit your physical location, buy your products or use your services. When creating various areas of your website such as calls to action, image sizes and the header text that’s on each page, important that each of these aspects is optimized. You miss a lot of these important details with free website offering free designs.

Search Engine Optimization

With out search engine optimization your website will not rank as well as it would if you were using a content management system that emphasizes the implementation of search engine optimization. According to SEO is the foundation of the keywords and keyword phrases that represent your products or services.

It’s probably best that you keep your options open in the future by avoiding free websites.

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