Case Study of NGO-MSKPP


MSKPP is a NGO that showcases information of its activities and lets the donors, partners and volunteers take first hand decision after visiting the website.

The Problem

Though the client was clear about his requirements, he was not sure about the design of the website. He wanted the website design to represent his work in a better way so that the visitors would be satisfied and would attract more visitors. Improve the effectiveness and potential so to improve the overall productivity.


Our Strategy
Before starting with the designing and development process, it was important for us to understand the organization and its core functions properly. We analyzed the platform, its various functions and then created a step by step strategy.


The Solution

Graphics play an important role in conveying the business message and it took a lot of hard work to design the graphics for MSKPP. It is not only on the home page, but the content on all the inner pages is also explained using graphics and it required a lot of efforts to design these graphics.

Proper organization of the content
The content for MSKPP was much different from the other business websites. It was not only about mentioning its services but was about explaining the process in a clear way and letting the visitors know how it works. Even after creating a proper plan we needed to make many changes while executing it, to create a perfect website.

The Result

The responsive design, user-friendly interface and the enhanced functionality of the website are letting the client experience business growth. We created a website that the client was happy and satisfied. Our client reverts back to us when changes are desired and we are happy to respond.

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